A Great Option for Office Furniture: IKEA for Business + Assemblymen

Our custom remedy for the furniture giant’s providing limited assembly services

Jacksonville is gearing up for One Spark and business expansion throughout Florida is on the rise. That means there’s a lot of office furniture to be purchased and assembled. If you’re a small business or start-up shopping for office furniture, consider these tips from this very helpful blog.

One popular retailer of office furniture is our nearest IKEA store in Orlando. To start you IKEA Business shopping experience, visit this page of the IKEA Orlando website.

Keep two things in mind when purchasing office furniture from IKEA Orlando. First, that IKEA Orlando will assemble your furniture only if you pay to have them deliver your furniture too. Second, that IKEA Orlando only provides its assembly services in select zip codes.

Assemblymen, on the other hand, will come to your home or office free of charge and assemble your furniture no matter how you have it delivered. Our assemblers cover a large service area to accommodate IKEA Orlando’s clientele throughout central and northeast Florida.

For example, our services came in handy for the new offices of the new Mellow Mushroom restaurant location in Jacksonville’s historic Avondale neighborhood. They weren’t eligible for the third-party assembly service contracted out by IKEA Orlando, so they hired the Assemblymen. Another satisfied customer! Check out the pictures.

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