Assemblymen Pricing: We Assemble In $25 Increments


These factors DO affect your pricing:

-The size and/or complexity of the item(s) you want us to assemble. Pricing is typically higher for the assembly of items that are larger, have some functionality, or have a lot of parts and/or hardware.
-The number of items you want us to assemble. We offer discounts for bulk assemblies: get a 10% discount when you get 3-5 items assembled, 20% with 6-8 items, and 30% with 9 or more items.

These factors DO NOT affect your pricing:

-The retail price of your item. Our prices are based solely on what the assembly of the item entails.
-The amount of time it takes to assemble your item. We don’t charge hourly – so you’ll always know upfront the price of the assembly.
-Where you live. We don’t charge travel/mileage charges to customers who live in our service areas.

Exceptionally large or complicated items may have to be specially priced. All prices must be confirmed by Assemblymen and the customer by telephone or email before any appointments for installation or assembly services are set. Save 10% using our Online Quote Request!

Some Pricing Examples:


Assembly Service Product Pricing


* We’ll schedule assemblies in other places too, but we have to charge a travel/mileage fee of $2 per mile from the border of our nearest service area to the place of the appointment, there and back. So, for example, Jacksonville Assemblymen occasionally service the Gainesville area, approximately 50 miles away, for a travel charge of $200.