Assembly & Installation Services


Whether you need something assembled or installed for your home or office (or as a display item for your store or special promotion) our assembly and installation services have you covered. Our mission is simple: provide great assembly and installation services at affordable prices. We’ll assemble and install just about anything. Here are some of the most commonly requested items for our assembly service:


Home Furniture Assembly

Don’t have the time, skills or desire to assemble that new item you bought for your home? Opened the box and realized you don’t have the time or proper tools to assemble it? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We’ll come to your home and assemble anything.

Home Furniture Assembly


Office Furniture Assembly Services

Office Furniture Assembly

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 100 company, shouldn’t you be doing something other than assembling your own office furniture? You’ve got a business to run. And time is money. Put our office furniture assembly services to work for you.


Big-Box Furniture Assembly

Many customers find Big-Box furniture is too difficult and time-consuming to assemble (and in some cases, impossible to “get right”). Eliminate those concerns and hire us as your assemblers and/or installers.


play set assembly service

Playground & Play Set Assembly

Outdoor playgrounds and play sets can be extremely difficult to assemble. But you certainly want yours assembled properly – first because you want your children and their friends to be safe, and second because it wasn’t cheap. Call Assemblymen to guarantee it’s done right.


TV Mounts

Want to have that new, big flat screen television mounted in your family room? Want to mount smaller flat screens in your kitchen, bathroom, garage or elsewhere? Call Assemblymen and make sure it’s done right. Plus, our basic TV mounts are only $50 and $100.

Flat screen tv mount assembly


Gym Equipment Assembly

Fitness & Gaming Equipment Assembly

You bought that new fitness or gaming equipment because you want to enjoy it, not because you want to spend hours or days putting it together. Let our installation and assembly service put together your exercise or gaming equipment for your home gym or game room.