About Assemblymen

Assemblymen is a start-up by a “social entrepreneur” who saw a means of creating a large business that creates high-paying, blue-collar jobs that cannot be outsourced to technology or shipped overseas. Since our soft launch in October 2011, Assemblymen has grown to include nearly a dozen technicians who have assembled thousands of products for singles, families, small businesses and large corporations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

How WE help YOU

Assemblymen will come to your home or businesses and put together any product that has to be assembled. Many consumer products require assembly (home furniture, office furniture, furniture from IKEA®, playgrounds and playsets, kitchens and closets from IKEA®, basketball goals, fitness equipment and so much more).

To meet your various needs over time, Assemblymen offers a broad range of assembly and installation services:

• Home furniture assembly
• Office furniture assembly
• Assembly of furniture from the Big Blue Swedish Store
• Installation of kitchens and closets from the Big Blue Swedish Store
• Installation of playsets, playground and swing set
• In-ground & portable basketball goals
• TV mounting

Whether it’s one technician assembling a TV stand in your home, or a team of technicians setting up your new workspace, Assemblymen is here for you! Request a quote online (it’s easy) and save 10%!

The Benefits of Assemblymen

*You’ll get great installation and assembly services at affordable prices!

*We guarantee the proper installation or assembly of your item, or your money back!

*Save 10% when requesting a free quote online!

*You’ll save hours of your time by having us install or assemble your items for you!

*You won’t have to bother with complicated instructions or buying extra tools!

*We assemble and install it all — home furniture, office furniture, store displays, and much more!

*You’ll save money by using our installation and assembly services versus paying more for the store to deliver and assemble/install your item!

*Assemblymen are fully insured and undergo a thorough background screening!