Assembling a Wooden Play Set

Assemblymen To The Rescue



Recently, a customer purchased a wooden swing set (the “Monterey” cedar swing set from Costo) for his very young daughter. He initially planned to put the play set together with a friend; but when he realized the size, time and complexity of the job, he decided to call an assembly and installation service for help. As fate would have it, he found Assemblymen.

It was easy for him to schedule his appointment with the Assemblymen! All he did was fill out the quick and easy form located on the Assemblymen homepage (which also saved him 10%)! Soon thereafter, he received a quote for assembling his swing set and called to schedule his appointment. His work was done!

And that’s where our work began. The Assemblymen arrived on the day and time of the appointment to put together the play set. Because they are skilled and experienced professionals, they were able to assemble the swing set in half the time predicted by the assembly instructions. Everything worked out great for the customer too, because:

• It would take 20-24 hours for he and a friend to assemble the play set, but it took the Assemblymen approximately 10 hours to put it together
• Assemblymen was able to assemble the play set immediately, whereas the customer would’ve waited weeks for a convenient time for he and a friend to put it together
• While the Assemblymen were putting together the swing set, the customer was able to devote his time to running his business
• The customer saved money by hiring Assemblymen to put the swing set together (versus hiring the manufacturer or retailer to do it)
• The play set was assembled properly
• The customer is insured through Assemblymen that the assembly of the swing set is safe for his daughter and her friends according to manufacturer specifications

You should’ve seen the joy and wonder in his daughter’s eyes when she first saw her immaculate play set. Because she is so small (probably 2 or 3) and the swing set is so large, she’ll get many years of fun and enjoyment out of the product we put together. Knowing that fact makes us proud of what we do!

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