15 Tips for Assembling Swedish Furniture

Our customers hire us because they want their furniture from the Big Blue Swedish Store (BBSS) to be perfect. And you do too!

Just in case you opt to assemble your BBSS furniture yourself rather than hire a company or service professional, Assemblymen has compiled these tips to help you put together near-perfect BBSS furniture on your own:

1. Beforehand, determine where in your home you want to place your BBSS furniture. Assemble your BBSS item in or near that area to avoid having to move (and thus risk damaging!) your assembled BBSS furniture.

2. Be sure to clear plenty of working space for the BBSS furniture assembly.

3. Unpack the boxes, inventory and organize all parts and hardware, then throw away the boxes and debris. Maintain a neat and orderly work area throughout the BBSS furniture assembly to make the assembly go smoothly and to help keep you from feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

4. Read through the BBSS assembly instructions BEFORE beginning the assembly. This will give you a sense of how your item is constructed overall, which in turn will assist you in spotting and resolving any issues that may arise during the BBSS furniture assembly.

5. Think critically about the various pictograms used (instead of words!) throughout the BBSS furniture assembly instructions. Stay tuned for a helpful cheat sheet!

6. Assemble your item according to the sequence laid out in the assembly instructions. It is very important that you go in order of the BBSS furniture assembly instructions!

7. Be patient and focus on working steadily and methodically, not fast. Focus on the process and not the end result. The more you focus on the end result (being done assembling your BBSS furniture), the more likely you are to rush and make a mistake. The more you focus on the process (correctly going through the assembly steps), the more likely you are to complete the job successfully and efficiently.

8. Attach parts such that they are flush, level and/or square as appropriate as you go through the BBSS furniture assembly process. Doing so will help ensure your final product is perfectly put together BBSS furniture.

9. Give the BBSS assembly instructions the benefit of the doubt. BBSS puts a lot of resources into developing their furniture and furniture assembly instructions, so, chances are, if during the assembly parts do not fit together, appear improperly oriented, or seem flat-out wrong, there is a strong chance you made some mistake at a previous step in the BBSS furniture assembly. Backtrack your steps, find your mistake, correct your mistake, then move on. If you can’t identify your mistake, disassemble the whole thing and start over!

10. If you need additional guidance putting together your BBSS furniture, look for an online video demonstration of the assembly of your BBSS furniture. It would even be helpful to pause and play the video on your smartphone throughout the BBSS assembly.

11. If you want to give your final BBSS furniture some extra stability, throughout the assembly process, add wood glue to each end of every wooden dowel used to assemble your BBSS furniture.

12. Beware using a drill. Using a drill to insert screws, bolts and cams often results in the damage or distortion of the parts (and of the pre-drilled holes in those parts) used in BBSS furniture. Such damage and/or distortion ultimately can prevent the assembly of your BBSS furniture.

13. Use only as many nails as necessary to attach the backing onto BBSS bookcases, dressers, entertainment centers, etc. such that the backing is flush with the BBSS product. BBSS’s furniture assembly instructions tend to call for the use of two to three times more nails than actually needed; and since most people are unable to nail each nail in perfectly straight, and thus risk nailing nails in at a slight angle such that nails protrude through the side of the unit, we suggest only using as many nails are necessary to attach the backing onto your BBSS furniture.

14. If you need replacement parts or help finishing your IKEA furniture assembly yourself, give the folks at BBSS a call. We know them to be very helpful!

15. If you aren’t up for the task, call the Assemblymen!