AssemblyReview: Mount Forest Lodge playset by Cedar Summit

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For the “average consumer”:

Difficulty of assembly: Difficult
Duration of assembly: Approximately 15 hours
Persons required: 2
Special tools needed: No
Prep required: Yes. In summary, (1) ensure ground is level, preferably the entire area of the playset, but at a minimum the area of the clubhouse and the bench that extends out from the front; (2) ensure maximum, adequate and safe space for assembly and play.

Assemblymen’s Review:

• This playset comes in relatively compact packaging. The pieces in the boxes are not organized or grouped according to any particular scheme, making it advisable to organize all parts and hardware before starting the assembly.
• The wood used for this unit is very light and soft, requiring the installers to use caution throughout the assembly. The wood is also susceptible to warping, which can create challenges when it comes to aligning parts. Pilot drill holes before inserting lag screws to avoid cracking the wood!
• This unit comes with thousands of pieces of wood, hardware and various ad-ons and accessories.
• Overall, the assembly instructions are relatively pretty straight forward and easy to understand. They are long though!
• The exterior of the clubhouse is made with pre-fabricated panels, which eliminates the need to install each exterior board individually.
• Metal brackets are used to attach the pre-fabricated panels that form the corner of the clubhouse. Two differently-sized brackets are used, so be sure to use the correct one(s).
• Be sure to not fully tighten the bolts that attach the pre-fabricated panels to the clubhouse until the instructions indicate when to do so.
• The double roof is nearly impossible to perfectly align and attach.
• The anchors simply hammer into the ground and are relatively easy to install.