Review of Congo Monkey Play 2 Maintenance-Free Swing Set

We recently assembled the Congo Monkey Play 2 Maintenance-Free Swing Set, and thought we’d share the unit’s pros and cons as we see them from the perspective of a professional service company that assembles and installs play sets.


• A plastic coating over all wood pieces makes this play set maintenance-free (i.e., there is no need to treat or stain it)
• There are four different packages or variations of this play set, giving you the flexibility to choose a design that best fits your family and your yard
• The unit is extremely sturdy and weighty, and is also anchored into the ground, making it exceptionally safe
• Assembly and installation is easier due to simplistic Assembly & Installation Instructions and minimal variation in type of hardware used in assembling and installing the play set


• The plastic coating over the wood pieces seems to get hot in the sun
• There are plastic caps at the end of the wood pieces used for the floor and wall slats; when a screw is placed through a cap/wood piece to attach as a floor or wall slat, the plastic cap bends upward around the screw, making the floor and wall slats look somewhat unattractive
• The hardware used to assemble and install the play set does not come separated or labeled; for ease of assembly and installation, consider taking time at the beginning of the assembly to separate the hardware into different piles by type and size
• The stakes used to anchor the play set into the ground are wooden, can break as they’re being hammered into the ground, and can generally be difficult to install

We assemble the Congo Monkey Play 2 Maintenance-Free Swing Set for a flat rate of $450. This play set is projected to take two average adults 14-18 hours to assemble and install.

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