Preparing your Yard for a Playset Installation – Part 2

Avoid delays and problems by making sure your yard is ready

A playset can’t be installed just anywhere. A good site for a swing set must meet several conditions. This article will help you understand what these conditions are, and also how to achieve these conditions (we refer to this as “ground prep”), so that your playset can be installed on the site of your choosing, leaving you and your family a safe and attractive swing set.

There is a preliminary step ...

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Backyard Playset Tips: Weed Block, Borders & Mulch

Your backyard play area can look like a picture catalog with some simple steps

Many parents and homeowners want to make their backyard playset look like an official playground, with borders, mulch and all the fixings. You can too! With so many types of playground surfacing products available, we thought this might be a good place for you to start considering options.

Fill for play area

There are generally three traditional fill options for your playground: rubber mulch, wood mulch and sand. Of ...

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Tips on Shopping for a Backyard Playset

Tips and Considerations on Shopping for a Backyard Playset

Ensure your purchase is perfect for your home and your family

Finding the perfect playset for your backyard is harder than you might think. First, there are so many sets to choose from (there are several “major” manufacturers, and each one offers dozens of different models). Second, there are so many factors to consider while shopping for a suitable playset.

Here are some factors to consider:

• Number, size & age of children. ...

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