Why Hire a Professional Assembler?

All “assembly required” or “ready-to-assemble” products — whether IKEA furniture, office furniture, playsets, exercise equipment, toys, or anything else — are designed to be assembled by the average consumer, right?

Well that might be the case technically, yes.

But in actuality, there are many products that are so complex and/or time consuming to assemble; a consumer might make a costly (possibly dangerous) mistake or error while assembling it.

Your Product May Justify Hiring a Professional Assembler

Take an outdoor play set, for example, with its hundreds of wooden pieces and thousands of hardware (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.). Depending on the exact model, it can take two moderately skilled adults anywhere between 6-45 hours to assemble and install. Or, as another example, take an office desk, with functional doors, drawers, compartments and locks that have to be assemble and installed completely error-free in order to work properly. While designed to be assembled by anyone, any consumer who wants a perfect final product should consider hiring a professional to assemble these and many other items.

It’s not only the product, but also the consumer’s schedule and life demands that can justify hiring a professional assembly service too.

Your Schedule May Also Justify Hiring a Professional Assembly Service

Consider the professional who could in fact assemble just about anything. Between work, family and everything else, he or she may have only a few hours of down time each week. Does he or she want to spend their precious down time assembling furniture? Probably not! Also consider the family that has purchased an assembly-required item for a particular, time-sensitive purpose (for example, purchasing a playset for a child’s birthday party one week in advance). In these cases, it’s just best to hire a professional to save you the time and the hassle.

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